Maine to Minnesota (the plan)

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This is the first post of the blog, written before my trip had started.

I am leaving New England, headed west. I will take my bicycle, an ordinary road bike, outfit it with new tires, lube the chain, load the panniers. I will pack an avocado and a jar of peanut butter within easy reach, and pedal for the Central Time Zone.

My trip as planned will take me from the small town of Solon, Maine, to the small town of Grand Marais, Minnesota. A crow would fly one thousand miles. I will bike, I hope, nineteen hundred.

Of the eight states whose names begin with an M, I will pass through three. I will touch the shores of all five Great Lakes and wriggle my toes in them. I will stop at a hundred libraries and collect a hundred bookmarks.

Or something else will happen. Perhaps the Adirondacks will stop me in New York. Maybe I’ll keep going until I see the Pacific. Who knows?

I’ve tried to sketch the route on paper. I stopped after filling in the lakes. There is a lot of lake. My hand was tired. I didn’t bother with Lake Champlain, it was too small.

Well, I hope you get the idea:

I have a request. If you, or good friends of yours, live near a part of this route, and would be interested in hosting me, please put us in touch!

I’ll try to blog during the trip. Follow along if you’d like. I will also post updates to Twitter.