June 27, 2020

A new subtitle

When I started writing here, I came up with a subtitle: “thoughts on software development.” Not particularly creative or interesting, but I needed something, because the other section of this website was for “traveling and biking, mostly.” I thought that I’d have at least one good post a month – a bug I found at work, a pattern that I liked, an interesting library.

It’s been a year and I’ve written three posts. Not great.

My friend Camen just started a blog. Reading his first post, I am reminded how difficult it is to name the thing you’re going to write about before you start writing.

I’m going to try something new. I’ll write a post every week, and I won’t make any promises about topics. I’ll just write, whatever comes to mind.

So I need a new subtitle. There is a concept in Haskell, undefined. If you try to evaluate undefined – to look at its value – Haskell throws an exception. The type of undefined is forall a. a; in other words, it can be any type. In this spirit I’ve changed the subtitle to simply “undefined.” It could be anything and I’m not allowed to think about it. Still not creative or interesting, but maybe I’ll start writing more.