January 3, 2021

2020 review: living alone

2020 was a strange and hard year. What happened, exactly? I had a few changes that I thought I’d reflect on, over a few posts.

The most abrupt change for me was that in July I moved into an apartment by myself. I had been living with two wonderful roommates – I couldn’t imagine better people to share an apartment with! – but by mid-April we were ready to kill each other. We all had moved to work-from-home and stressed the shared space; also, there was constant negotiation of what activities and behaviors all of us were comfortable with, which was exhausting. I had always assumed it’d be too lonely to live alone in the city, but the pandemic pushed me to go for it.

It turns out I am better at entertaining myself than I thought. Impromptu dancing, playing guitar, devoting the whole kitchen for a night with a cooking project: trickier things when you are trying not to bother your roommates. And it’s not so lonely. My apartment came with a porch, and for most of the fall I could have friends over for a chat, physically-distanced and outside. Finally, I have two friends in a viral pod, and so I can still host the occasional dinner party and board game night with them.

I still find cooking alone to be a challenge; I’m much more inclined to either make something super easy (mac & cheese, a sandwhich, scrambled eggs) or just order out. I’m hoping to invest more in my kitchen space and cook lots of good food in 2021, even if it’s just for me.

I now value living with other people less, and having a porch more.